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Say a Word For Jimmy Brown

He Ain't Got Nothing at All

11/24/04 07:27 am - So lame.

You know I so totally called him yesterday. Lame.
My mom doesn't want to eat on thanksgiving because she thinks she's fat.
I'm not even that stupid.
I like turkey day.
We should have lobster.
Or shrimp pasta.

11/23/04 10:12 am - Great seas of white and red.

Today is bright and yellow blue.
Blonde footprints still lie at home. Perhaps I'll rip that white thing from her throat and drag her yellow arms down pavement. "Stupid bitch." I want some mac and cheese.
You and I both know that the pilgrims would've had lobster if they'd known how to catch it.
Four hours today.
I will not call him.

11/22/04 12:52 pm - I have no idea why I'm so tired.

The show is on December 3rd and 4th. I am working very hard.
It snowed yesterday. It was so damn beautiful. Snow was covering every inch of the desert. I'm so happy he was there to see it.
I'm so happy I was there to see it.
I wish we could have stayed on the floor. Could've rised side by side to a desert covered in snow.
What a damn miracle.
I love you.

11/12/04 12:35 pm - what time is it?


11/12/04 07:24 am - Yo yo eskimo.

So yesterday we tried to film our entire video in two hours. That didn't work.
That man left that lady and I want that man.
Or do I have him?
Yo no se.
I'm tired.
We have to film again today.
I forgot my most important thing at home and I hope that's okay.

11/8/04 10:09 am - Arghhh

I'm becoming such a library junkie. I have spent every nutrition and lunch, for the past three days, in the library, online. I am such a nerd. But, it's not to say that loser Natalie and her prolonged absence have nothing to do with it. What loser. GOD.
Anyway, I was lying before. I'm not over it. I'm gonna try to get it back. Today. I mean, i don't neccessarilly have to get it back-i just have to get everything off my shoulders. Maybe after that, I'll be free from it all.
Anyway, today is another day alone. Sigh sigh sigh.
Pity me.

11/7/04 01:14 pm - yay

I finally finished cleaning my room! Yay! It's been filthy for years and years.
Next battle to conquer?
but i'm still not perfectly accomplished yet
i miss him a lot
makes me feel stupid
"i'll give you everything i've got for a little peice of mind"

11/4/04 10:13 am - Oh well...

Well, Kerry was a no-go. Four more years, they say? I guess that all that really gives us is more protests and Micheal Moore films.
I have to do a music video for cinema. I think we're going to do it to Trying Your Luck. Hopefully George will grace us with his presence. Problem with me is I write the scripts like a play writer. This time I'm going to write it the right way.
I'm getting over everything.
Just delete the number.
Forget the name.
Set the alarm to six.
Skip seven.
Go straight to eight.
Numbers never really mattered anyway.

11/2/04 07:11 am - egh

It's something like seven o'clock in the morning and I'm here at school. Saturday was fun but something was said that i didn't want said because i knew this would happen-i knew i would dwell upon it like it were something important. I said it because i meant it. But why was it said in return. I should pull out the broom from my closet and brush it away.
I finally finished editing my movie. It's called A Marvel of a Spectacle and it's absolutely hillarious. I rock it with three chins.
Anyway, Halloween was simple and fun. I went to Hollywood and saw Nightmare Before Christmas. My costume was awesome. Some day i'll figure out how to show you.
Anyway, i need to get my PRC because I didn't go to school yesterday.

10/27/04 06:41 pm - Ice cream.

I used to really like this thing-let's call it ice cream. Thing is, I still really like it. I miss it a lot. But I just found out I'm allergic to ice cream. But it seems like I'm actually lactose intollerant. It seems like I can't have ANY dairy product. Maybe the thing is, I just can't afford dairy products right now. Or more accurately, the store is out of stock. Anyway. I miss ice cream. It was delicious.
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